After work seminar, discover the highlight of a successful business meeting

Put originality into your business meetings by delighting your staff in a playful atmosphere.

An after work seminar will offer you the possibility to test the solidarity of your employees, their creativity and foster their knowledge without boring them.

The goals of a business seminar

Normally a business conference is hold to improve the interaction within a company. It is therefore the moment to analyse weak points and adapt new strategies in order that the team regains dynamics. The aim is to enhance the productivity of each single person and to steadily develop the company itself.

Highlight your business meeting with games

Even if the agenda is straight and requires a maximum amount of concentration, it is of advantage to put in some ambience into a business meeting. The activities which we offer, allow your collaborators to deepen the message with less effort. An activity combined with your meeting will also let your staff use their team spirit, which you certainly expect from them.

Customized offers adapting to your needs

During business seminars, there is an agenda to follow. Our interactions can be planed depending on your wishes. Furthermore, we offer the animation of your business reunions in whole Switzerland, independently of the city in which you organise your business day. Moreover we offer the personalisation of the languages for each available game. This will allow your employees to understand the rules, the aims and the easiest way to achieve them quite fast.

Why choose an activity for your business meeting?

Urban adventures and GPS games are part of our main business sector. Our mission is to give your whole team the possibility to enhance their qualifications in a more original way. We do everything possible that every employee learns something new in each business meeting and knows how to use it in daily life. In our games for example you find the possibility to accomplish crazy missions, perfect to divert in an easy way. But there is also the possibility, to engage in more active and dynamic games like a chase through the city.