A great idea for a successful bachelorette party!

Are you running out of ideas for your special day? Try out one of our games; you will surely have a fulfilling time.

An outstanding bachelorette party

We offer a wide variety of urban games, and suggest especially:

Operation Freddy

Here is a game that suits entirely the occasion. Freddy the goblin gives you funny missions and brings you to unexpected situations. With this game, laughs and surprises will make your bachelorette party unforgettable.

The target

Take part of a chasing-game for the future bride who spreads panic downtown. With smartphones, you will have to localize and neutralize her before she can reach the “target”. Good atmosphere, action and suspense will be part of the event. Each girl of the Team will be satisfied.

Are you in charge of the bachelorette party of your friend or family member? Let us help you! Your only job is to pick up a game, select a date and come to the appointment. We will take care of the rest and make sure that the rules of the game are clear in order to have a great time.

For a neat bachelorette party, contact City Games.