Celebrate a birthday in a different way with personalised urban games!

This year celebrate your birthday or that from a loved one how you should! Leave the beaten track and make a splash while organising a festive, playful and extraordinary event. You are looking for an original idea for a birthday party? You just found it because it is exactly what we are offering with City Games! During this special day our different urban games will allow your loved ones and yourself to amuse like fools with activities which stick out of the ordinary in a very friendly and cosy atmosphere.

Celebrating its birthday in a different way is possible!

We even made it one of our specialities. Nothing force you to organise a birthday with traditional activities to entertain your guests. Be bold and bet on a funny and distracting event during which everybody will be keen on participating. The program includes: adventures, discovering, fun, action, giggling and many emotional moments to share. No doubt that your loved ones will very appreciate this original birthday idea.

During this festive and playful day we take charge of everything

We are going to organise the birthday, which you and your loved ones will remember for long! All you have to do is choose your preferred urban game and tell us the date of your event. Afterwards we are going to take charge off everything. We ensure the animation and that all activities are performed in safety.

With multiple challenges as funny as original and riddles to solve, your group is going to live through a veritable adventure in a city or rural environment. Celebrating its birthday in a different way is also offering moments of happiness to your loved ones, which they will remember for long.

How to ensure that it is really a good and original idea to celebrate a birthday?

The answer is simple: Furthermore to propose you funny, distracting and extraordinary activities, we can personalise your urban game for this special occasion! Whatever your age, Citygames can organise your unforgettable birthday.

Regardless if it is to celebrate your birthday, a company anniversary or any other special event, our games can adapt to your needs. So contact us.