An original idea for your company outing!

Are you looking for an original idea for a company outing? Give your employees a day full of surprises and laughs?

A business trip that will blow your mind away

Our urban games are designed to satisfy your different types of wishes:

  • Professional seminar
  • Team building

Dive into the world of video games with different interactive entertainments. According to your wishes, we offer 4 different types of games:

If you are looking for a chasing-game, The Target is the one for you. The participants will enter a manhunt through the town. Their only weapon is their smartphones on which all the GPS data will appear.
If you prefer softer games, but still fun, try Team Me Up and Operation Freddy. You will have different missions to complete; each one of them crazier than the other. Challenges await you and your team.
For those of you who love mysteries and riddles, Code Crackers is the ideal game for you. Resolve enigmas, find clues, and search for a secret place while avoiding traps of the enemies…You will have an agreeable time with your team.
If you are looking for an original idea for your team-building day, call City Games. You can also contact us for different events: study days, client events…