Some ideas for funny winter excursions

Happy up your winters with

Are you looking for a funny, hands-on, and playful winter excursion, ideal to round off a business workshop or spice up an anniversary party or a stag night? With, you now dispose of winter actives in each city of Switzerland. Therefore do not be afraid and defy the cold in order to discover, how much it can be fun to amuse oneself in an urban environment during winter!

Our winter activities are truly perfect to discover every Swiss city

What could be better than to stroll around in the city of Lausanne, Bern, Zürich or Basel, to warm up with some delicious cinnamon tea and to discover the architectural and natural heritage covered with a thin snow cover? Such a trip enables to strengthen the team spirit of a company and leaves friends with unforgettable memories!

With citygames you do not need to worry about the organisation of your winter activities, as we do everything possible to turn your Citygame into a moment of pleasure. The organisation is very easy since you only need to inform us about the date of your trip. For your activity we will send an animator to your game location, to ensure that everything works as you which!

You can choose between several GPS games to accompany your winter trip

Opération Freddy offers you a dynamic and fascinating game to start exploring the city.

Code Crackers sets you to the pursuit of criminals leaving different clues in the whole city.

Team Me Up is ideal to bring the members of a team closer to each other by enforcing their team spirit with riddles to solve.

With Target you get to go after an evader, which allows you to discover a Swiss city all by living a thrilling moment.

To have a good time in winter has never been easier. Thanks to the personalised games you will enjoy a nice time with friends or associates, in the enchanting sceneries of Swiss cities.