An original idea to plan your year-end excursion!

You need a good idea for your staff excursion? Organise a completely different and novel trip for your employees thanks to urban games which entertain and weld your team. Your staff party to the year-end will make history and be remembered for long!

Usually during December companies tend to organise some excursion or activity of year-end for their employees. This generally takes place with a traditional dinner which sometimes is extended by playing bowling or visiting nightclubs. Due to the fact of missing ideas for the event, companies stay within the classic frame. But what we offer with is radically different.

A successful outing

It is very important that a staff party is a success so that the employees feel good and continue to work with high motivation and strong cohesion.

It is indeed the opportunity for your team to divert and relax. During this yearly company occasions, they furthermore learn to know each other better, which improves their capacity to work together successfully. A succeeded year-end party always helps to strengthen the team spirit between employees. Our urban games consequently represent an excellent idea for your excursion in groups.

An outstanding business outing!

Organise the staff party for your company which will surprise and excite your employees and collaborators.

Choose one of our original offers and book our services. Thanks to our urban games, we became experts in the area of year-end excursions, Christmas dinners or staff parties of each kind. We are much sought and each event is a success! If you want to, we can take over the whole organisation of your year-end event. Our service is at your convenience as our urban games are adaptable and can be performed during day as well as evening.

An original entertainment

Funny moments and emotions which can be shared with your employees, regardless of the number.

Separated in groups as well as guided by GPS and a touch pad, your team will have to realise missions, solve riddles and fulfil tasks through the whole city. Organising and performing a staff excursion in real is not always easy because you need to integrate, enthuse and amuse all of your employees. Our games take this into account. We therefore offer you different types of playful activities and adapt them to your company culture and vision. Do not search any longer for an idea to realise your staff party, you just found it!