Discover on a different way the Swiss cities!

Are you looking for an outstanding activity on a target city? Try our GPS games! Our agency City Games is a reference in the matter of urban events.

We offer discovery games, chasing-games and strategic games

Surprises and laughs are to be expected whether you choose The Target, Operation Freddy, Team Me Up or Code Crackers. Those games are the must if you are looking for an original idea to celebrate events such as:

  • Bachelor and Bachelorette party
  • Team building day
  • Company outing
  • Day out with friends
  • Day out with family
  • And more!

The procedure is simple

You will receive a tablet with the missions displayed. Challenges, clues to decipher and strategic places are to be discovered. Each team will have to play fair and use logic in order to be efficient and win the most points.