Code Crackers is an exciting treasure hunt

Code Crackers is a treasure hunt taking place in a city; it requires you a good team spirit. You can try it out anywhere in Switzerland; each city is available.

Aim of the game

Find a secret place by deciphering all the clues you will find in the City. Beware; you will have to hurry, for other teams are also looking for this place. They might even have clues you do not.

How it works

You will receive a tablet on which a map is displayed. It will show you the places where you can find clues that you will need to decipher. The clues can be images, audio sounds, or videos.
The game requires a good team spirit and a strategic mind as well. Indeed, you need to avoid the traps of the enemies (for instance, fake clues).


  • This game is the best way to reinforce your team spirit in your company or association
  • In Code Crackers, the clues are dispersed in the City so that you can wander and discover new places
  • Action and suspense are guaranteed