The Target, play cops and robbers!

The target is THE GPS game, a blood-curdling citywide manhunt. Exciting and full of surprises, this game will make you run, design strategies and work as a team.

Aim of the game

You will have to localize and neutralize a culprit before he arrives to his “target”. This robber wanders in the city, collects money and commits crimes.

How it works

A gangster is chosen. The police men have to use their logic and work in team to neutralize the gangster. The smartphones they will receive will be connected to the GPS to guide them. Lasting between 2:30 to 3 hours, the participants take part in a manhunt throughout the city.


  • The Target is perfect for families, friends or colleagues
  • This game is ideal for a bachelor or bachelorette party. It reinforces your team spirit and will be unforgettable
  • With The Target, it is as if you play a real sized video game.
  • The game makes you discover different Swiss cities. It offers a new way to get familiar with the city in an interactive way.